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Frequently Asked Questions

Going on a guided trip? Don't know what to expect? See below for our frequently asked questions.

What is included on my trip?

Your guide will provide all necessary, basic gear for your trip. This includes waders, wading boots, rods, reels, and flies. Additionally, your guide will provide a cooler and bottled waters. 

What is not included on my trip?

Colorado state fishing licenses, gratuity, and lunch/food are not included in your trip price. Although Colorado fishing licenses are not included, it is required in order to fish with us. You can purchase them online prior to your trip at Colorado Parks and Wildlife or we can issue them here for you at the shop. If you choose to have us issue you a license, please bring a form of ID and social security number. We are unable to provide lunches or food on guided tours. Please plan on packing your own, especially on full day trips. 

What do I need to bring?

Guides will provide all the necessary gear. However, remember to bring a hat, sunglasses (preferably polarized), socks, and sunscreen. Be sure to check the weather to see if a rain jacket or light jacket is appropriate! 

Do you take a deposit?

We do not take a deposit unless your group is large. We will take a credit card number to hold your reservation, but trips are not charge or processed till the day of. We are happy to switch cards, accept cash, or split the ticket the day of. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We practice a 48-hour and 24-hour cancellation policy unless otherwise specified upon your booking. A cancellation within 48-hours of your guided trip will result in a $150 charger per guide unless otherwise specified upon your booking.  A cancellation within 24-hours of your guided trip will result in a full price of your trip charge unless otherwise specified upon your booking. A cancellation outside of the 48-hour window will result in no penalty to the client unless otherwise specified upon your booking. 

Do you provide transportation?

We do offer pick-up and drop-off services. If you need a ride to or from your housing accommodation, a $45 charge will be added to your trip price. If you need a ride from the shop location, you are welcome to ride with your guide at no charge. 

Can kids go fly fishing?

Absolutely! Kids that are 9 or older tend to do better during our trips. However, you know your kid best and if you feel that they would enjoy the activity we would be happy to take them on the water! Please take into account their attention span and patience when making this decision. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult for guided trips.

Do I need experience to book a trip?

No experience required! We love taking people out of all experiences!

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